FMCIS University

Financial Motivations Consulting & Insurance Services is a full service life / health insurance agency and consulting firm. FMCIS University is our 24/7 e-learning financial services academy with something for everyone in the family while on their financial journey.

Our mission is to do everything we can in every area we can to decrease the knowledge gab and reduce the wealth gap in our communities. 

Many people are not taught basic money concepts of how money works, the money mechanics of how to make it work for you, or advanced wealth strategies of how to grow and protect your money at the same time guaranteed. 

For that reason, FMCIS has been positioned as a resource. 

The products and services we offer are what’s needed for short and long-term financial security, stability, and peace of mind. We take pride in teaching our clients and also helping them implement how to get out of debt and build wealth simultaneously, create generational wealth with ease, plus increase your cash flow and reduce your tax liabilities.

What You'll Get In The University

  • Unlimited Access

    You'll gain 24/7 access, on any mobile device, to the secure membership site full of courses and resources. Create a passive income stream by becoming an affiliate. Become a guest or sponsor on The Wealth Chronicles Show.

  • Power Partners

    Connect with our extensive list of power partners from all over the world. Invite one person to the community each month to join you in our monthly challenges.

  • Tools, Tips , Training Vault

    Workshops, LIVE Training, and Q / A sessions plus a video vault. Learn from our blog of entries all about MONEY MOTIVATION MINDSET. Listen to the weekly motivational minute to help you Master Your Monday!!

  • Controlling Their Cash Flow

    Implementing tools to help them GROW, SAVE, SPEND, & PROTECT their money at the same time which gives them the ability to recession-proof their finances. They will never again worry about not having enough money at the end of the month.

  • Getting Out of Debt & Increasing Wealth

    Confident that they are going to have a great retirement without debt, doubt, and distractions because getting out of debt in less than 10 years including student loans and mortgage without paying more than what they are currently paying. they are growing and protecting their money at the same time.

  • Growing & Protecting Their Money

    Securing their retirement and with guaranteed consistent growth. Positioned to receive monthly & lifetime paychecks and play checks so that you never run out of money. Reducing their tax liability and protecting their assets, income, and legacy.

FMCIS Divisions:

Each Division Has an Academy.

Our goal is to first educate our clients so that they can make educated decisions about what best for them based on where they are, where they want to be, and their own personal timeline. 

The FMCIS University is where you will find the answers to your financial questions and your next steps. 

As a client, you’re given the option of working with us in a coaching / consulting environment where we build out your strategy together, working on their own in a (DIY) environment where you get to Do It Yourself, and we also offer a (DFY) environment where you get to have your next steps Done For You. Most clients prefer a hybrid of all three combined.