Power Partners

Our Power Partners engage & advise our amazing tribe of Wealth Protectors & Money Motivators! Financially mature side hustlers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, & corporate professionals seeking financial security & peace of mind!

The Home Based Business Queen

Well known wealth guru, mortgage mastermind, and author who has created tools to help individuals transform their financial lives and start living wealthy.

I love God and people, have been married to my best friend Demietrius for 20 years, and have three beautiful daughters. I am an author, speaker and certified life/financial coach and I am the chief of all operations and programs for celebrity empires including MC Lyte and one of Russell Simmons' foundations, The Hip Hop Summit Action Network. I am thankful for the opportunity to help millions of people across the globe eradicate poverty and achieve spiritual and financial freedom. 6/17/2020

The Transformation Queen

Don't Fail To Play Defense

There are so many dangers seen and unseen when it comes to your money and wealth. There are wealth killers, cyberstalkers, identity theft victims, and more. This is why there are so many things you can do to protect what you’re building which is a life free of financial uncertainty. Failure to play defense while you make all of the right moves to generate wealth is like a hamster spinning on its wheel. You protect your home, your car, and your health. So why are you making it a priority to protect your wealth, credit, and assets? 7/29/2020

The Vision Queen

Everyone Has A Super Power!

If you want financial freedom then you have to control your cash flow. Once you step into your purpose you can monetize yourself and never have to worry about running out of money. When you figure out your “Super Powers “ or your God Given talents and gifts then creating the additional income stream becomes stress free. 6/17/2020

The Crisis Intervention Queen

Face Your Fears and Take Action!

Without a purpose, forward movement, and some sort of routine depression can set in. Unhealthy behaviors can become habits. Your fears may take over and you can become paralyzed and a prisoner to your comfort zone. Join me as we talk to Maya Akaim, Mental Health Counselor & Crisis lntervention Specialist, and find out how to face your fears and begin to take action even though we still don't have all of the answers. 6/3/2020

The Relationship Queen

2 Part Series: *(1) Relationships & Money: 5 Secrets to close during a pandemic even when there's an income loss when there's a loss of income *(2) Dating before, during, and after a pandemic. Dating & New Relationships - dutch options, romantic dating tips on a budget, money questions to ask, conversations to have, & how to be supportive but maintain healthy boundaries. 5/6/2020 & 5/27/2020

The Emotional Healing Queen

Create Your Self Care Plan

From FULL of Anxiety & Clinically Depressed to Accomplished, Established, & Celebrated. The Emotional Healing Queen: 10 Effective Strategies to Manage Your Mental Health + Q/A 4/22/2020

The Pivot Queen

The Inspirational Guru

Her mission is to help corporate women create wealth through their own coaching business, while working a 9-5pm job" She is passionate about helping other women break free from the shackles of just having one stream of income, as she herself as a corporate dualpreneur, realised that there is so much more to her life than just spending 40+ hours a week in a cubicle, with the gifts God has placed within us. 4/8/2020

The Million Dollar Monetization Queen

Are you attracting or repelling money?

Learn about the Universal Laws of Attraction, setting intentions, the practice of other money mindset ~ wealth-building principles, and beliefs. The EXACT tools you NEED to control your cashflow. #CoronaVirusComeUP Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Influencers all over the world that have worked with her learned that wealth building is more than making money. It's about protecting and maintaining what you accumulate and it all starts between your ears. 3/25/2020

The Network Marketing Queen

Turning The Unexpected Into A Blessing

Right now this is the perfect interview for this time in our lives because you are about to hear a story or triumph and testimony. This is not the first time any of us have felt complete and utter confusion as well as hopeless. 3/18/2020

The Side Hustle Queen

Turning A Love For Sewing Into 5 Figures

Crystal is a side hustle queen. She turned her love of sewing into a 5 figure business. She is looking to grow her business and teach others how to turn their hobbies and practical skills into small businesses! 3/11/2020

The Trauma Queen

Empower With Every Encounter

Nakia Austin is the self proclaimed #TraumaQueen! She will help you to identify those hidden trauma’s that are secretly controlling how you manage your money and other areas in your life as well. Nakia is passionate about educating trauma survivors on the importance of healing and self-worth so that they can thrive despite their varying levels of personal transformation plus the unexpected pivots and shifts of life. 3/4/2020

Larry Morrison

Student Loan Forgiveness

The CEO of The Student Loan Forgiveness Program. Student Loan Freedom * Hidden laws & secrets, re-payment time clock, TOTAL forgiveness of balance after time is up. EVERYONE qualifies. 2/12/2020

The Cash Value King

Cash Is King

Chief Marketing Officer ACA American Classic Agency, the largest African American- and female-owned IMO in the industry. Prioritizing integrity, loyalty, and an abundance mindset. We are committed to equipping our agents with encouragement and a desire for success not only in their business but in every aspect of life. 12/10/2018