Welcome to the safe investments Academy!

Before we get started there's a couple of things that we have to get covered. 

Also, if you want to discuss safe investments for beginners, inexpensive ways to get started on your personal wealth building journey, or how to get your children started no matter their age - my contact information will be at the end of our presentation

A few things to keep in mind:

All Investments have a risk. Every single one of them. 

Please note: I am not a financial advisor by choice I do NOT recommend investment vehicles. 

I believe my community is better served learning how to PROTECT their money both now and in the future from loss as opposed to chasing something you can control and and that provides no no protection. 

I help you build solid financial foundation with GUARANTEED growth and security. Then I can connect you with power partners who offer risky investments once you foundation is in place.


So instead, I specialize in educating you on powerful hidden money rules and strategies that havea an investment benefit attached. This allows you to make your own educated decision.

I then help you implement and monitor your success.

This presentation is for educational purposes only so please do not take it as advice it is always best to do your own research before making your investment choices, connect with your trusted financial professional in a one on one setting, and because we are talking about safe investment options please understand that safety has a cost.

What does SAFE really mean

What I mean by safe is that is pretty much a lower-risk investment option that isn't heavily impacted by high volatility and you generally have an idea of what your returns are going to be due to locked in rates or investment structure

So if the markets are swinging and going crazy like they are now typically safe investment options are not affected by them

Investments vehicles are just places to park your money for later benefits. 

We are going to review different ways to park your money, the pro’s and cons, the safey, and growth factor, additional benefits and more. 

Lets see where you get the most benefit. 

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