What is a funnel and what are the benefits?


A funnel will help you guide your potential client down a specific path and have your potential client do something you want them to do.


On this path you will give them all the things they need to reach the goals that they want. Your objective is to show them that you are the perfect person to assist them by qualifying yourself as a knowledgeable professional with a heart to serve.


We do this currently with an initial conversation, introduction at the beginning of the appointment, answering questions and handling objections during the presentation, telling them some of the people we have helped and explaining our story which is why we have decided to start our life insurance agent career. 


I want to introduce you to how to get all of this done with each and every lead or potential client seamlessly with no overwhelm and without losing out on the opportunity to show them how can help them. 

Your hot leads stay hot and your lukewarm leads become hot with the correct funnel and you still control your time stress free.

I'm going to show you how to use virtual agent tools PLUS human interaction to accomplish the same thing so you don't have to do every step or pay someone else a piece of your commission to do it either. 

Business ownership is not being present at every step. It's being present when it matters and closing the deal because no one else can. Let’s let funnels, automations, and tools do the rest . 

Course curriculum

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    • Agents Funnel To Freedom

    • Leads Funnel To Freedom

    • Social Media Funnel To Freedom

    • Appointment Funnel To Freedom

    • Sales Funnel To Freedom

    • Referral Funnel To Freedom

    • Follow Up Funnel To Freedom

What the students have to say...

Tarryne Minor

Funnels to Freedom - Leads Funnel

My number one takeaway in the Funnels to Freedom - Leads funnel training is to follow the system that I already have in place and make adjustments to the system according to the client.

Kinyetta Jones

Agent Social Media Funnel to Freedom

My number one takeaway from this training is to choose 3 products and learn how to present them to my target clients so that I can serve them and my community better.

Karima Audiffred

Funnels to Freedom - Leads Funnel

My number one takeaway in the Funnels to Freedom - Leads funnel training is to follow and tweak the system I have in place. Also, I need to pre-qualify my prospects, create an automation system, identify hot leads process, not be thirsty for appointments. Lastly, I need to allow people to make appointments, and provide forms with pre-qualifying questions.

Eraina Tinnin

Agent Social Media Funnel to Freedom

My number one takeaway from this training is how to effectively and efficiently utilize social media to grow my business and reclaim my time.

Natalie Cochran

Funnels to Freedom - Leads Funnel

Stacie L. Daniel, thanks again! In this training, I learned that I really need your course. I've also, learned that even though I'm new, I can still show my passion. I'm truly passionate about this business and I can't wait for more people to see this.

Janell Coleman Torres

Agent Social Media Funnel to Freedom

Yes! I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel learning and I'm ready to learn how to use Social Media more effectively and wisely. The key components of a social media post are going to be a huge change in how I post content thanks to this training.

Karima Audiffred

Funnels to Freedom - Leads Funnel

I just want to thank Stacie for her free training the other week, during one of the courses, we learned how to prequalify our appointments, avoid tire kickers, implementing prequalifying appointments into my business actually works, everyone's questions were answered and addressed at the time of the appointment. There weren't any surprises, everyone knew what to expect. I was able to earn an extra $6,000 in commissions y'all!!!


  • How can I access the replays of any of the trainings?

    There are NO replays.

  • Will I be able to purchase any of the videos in the Series?

    Yes, you can purchase all six videos as a bundle for $49 right now but the price will increase weekly. The videos will then be inside individual courses for $247 each.

  • What is included in this series?

    This series includes The Leads Funnel, Social Media Funnel, Appointment Funnel, Sales Funnel, Referral Funnel, and the Follow-up Funnel.