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12 Relationships and Money Principles

Relationships and money can be a toxic combination. Relationships and support systems are what's going to help you endure this financial reset and recovery journey. The questions then become: How do you be supportive but maintain healthy boundaries and not let money become a wedge within those invaluable relationships if the people close to you look to you for financial support?

Relationships and Money

Many times our love is tested and our relationships are strained because of money matters. The financial strain as a domino effect of the pandemic has bled into your relationships bur don’t worry because I have some solutions for you.

What does it mean to be financially literate?

Financial literacy is more than knowing the mechanics of how money works, how to make it work for you, and the fact that protecting your money is just as important as making more money, saving, and investing. ​​Financial literacy is also the behaviors and attitudes you have about money that is revealed in your daily life. It’s the ability to understand and effectively apply various financial skills, and gives you the knowledge to become financially stable.

COVID-19 Common Money Questions Answered

How can you be sure about what to do with your money right now?

Who do you TRUST that you can ask for professional financial advice? Many have questions about the short term AND long-term options and want to know the pros and cons of each choice. Who do you TRUST that you can ask for professional financial advice?

The 5M Motivating Your Money Methodology - Building a solid financial foundation

This is my 5 point framework for motivating your money and achieving financial security, stability, and peace of mind. This is psychological, critical thinking, and self-actualization approach to building and maintaining wealth. This path includes psychology, critical thinking, and self-actualization

Are You Financially Mature?

Maturity is not gauged on the amount of years that you have been on this planet but your responses to the things going on in your environment. If you keep ending up in the same position over and over again after trying to do the right thing when it comes to your money then your finances might not be what needs to be adjusted but your attitude and willingness to take heed to the obvious solutions.

Master Your Monday & Own The Rest Of Your Week

Mentally this gets you prepared before the day comes and you are ahead of the game. Being prepared for Monday ahead of time psychology gives you a Money Swag because you’re in control.

4 Ways to make money TODAY!

4 simple ways to make more money monthly starting today. increase your income, control your money, build wealth, and create your legacy. using the tools, talents, and gifts that you already have and without having to spend any money

The Art of the Pivot

It's an art to pausing, re-calibrating, and then taking the next appropriate step

How do you respond when things are changed without notice and you are affected? How do you prevent from having a meltdown and so you can move with the curve? If you do have a momentary meltdown which we are all entitled to then how do you rest, relax but dont quite. What is you plan?