Specifically for life insurance agents. 

For all virtual life insurance agents (NEW & experienced )  even if you don't have a large social media following,  NO tech skills, and NO social media skills

Canva is your secret weapon and will soon become your best friend. 

Wouldn't it be awesome if everyone who landed on your social media profiles were not only wowed by your graphics and content but also converted to clients?

 What if you could consistently and easily create content that touches the hearts of your ideal clients and make them want to take action with their financial situation?

► What if your ideal clients were eager to schedule an appointment with you, showed up on time to the appointment, and completed the application at the end of the presentation because you built your credibility & reputation before the appointment?  


In this training, you will learn how one simple tool will  allow you to:

  • Educate without being present and create prime prospects
  • Consistently create content that converts
  • Connect with your strangers, visitors, and friends on autopilot

The fact is, you could be running your client away and you didn’t even know if your social media profiles are professional and attractive. Appearance matters especially when dealing with folks' money. They’re judging what they see or don’t see when they find you in the virtual space. 

Let me show you how to make a GREAT virtual first impression.


⚜️Do you currently have a professional profile that relays your professionalism & reputation making you a stand-out life insurance agent in the virtual space?

⚜️ Do you have a professional portfolio used to create and solidify profitable power partnerships?

⚜️ Have you been searching for a graphic artist, photographer, videographer, or website creator hoping they will give you that professional pop you see others have?

Let me show you how to accomplish all of this with one simple tool. 


Our mission at Financial Motivations Consulting & Insurance Services & the Black Life Insurance Agents of America FB Community is to help 3k life insurance agents start, grow, and scale their Virtual life insurance business.

Using my Virtual Agent Method to create a hybrid business model and use social media to create a consistent flow of quality leads ready to take action is my solution to the common trifecta causing 90% of agents to leave in the first year. 

Say Goodbye to :

  • Inconsistent income
  • Lack of qualify leads
  • Burnout from educating and trying to rebuild the trust in the community 

Say Hello to :

  • Financial security so your family legacy is secure 

  • Precious moments and more time with friends and family without sacrificing your current revenue or lifestyle

  • Business longevity for the community to helped longer

Shacola Daniel

Today's session was very informative. I use Canva but is still new at it. So I can't wait to learn more so I can use it more efficiently.

Lisa Brown

If you want to be a standout insurance agent, learn all the tips n tricks to make your flyer, business card, Facebook header to get more leads check Stacie L. Daniel out she has an amazing course.

Kantrell Smith

My take home is that I need to go back to creating my own social media material. Reposting other peoples material was good for me because it freed up some time for me to do other things for my business. Now that I have identified my target audience, I need to make my material more personal. I was reluctant to utilize material I previously posted, so I will definitely do this for the future. Sometimes I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day, to prKantrellovide fresh new content often.

Eraina Tinnin

My number one takeaway is using this resource for email headers, testimonials and affirmations to attract more clients.


  • 5 Types of Content Life Agents MUST use to build credibility & Create Content That Converts (Specifics and examples)

  • 5 Ways Canva will make you a stand-out agent (Specifics & Examples)

  • 5 Canva (AI) artificial intelligent features that slice your time and frustration in half (so much more powerful than ChatGPT)


  • Complete software walkthrough 

  • Different types of content you can create and will see exactly how to create 

  • Clever uses of features SPECIFICALLY for life insurance agents

  • General tips for content creation and use 

  • Personal branding tip

  • & more 

Jimmie Trotter

My number one takeaway is... You are a Business Owner First. You have to look great. By attending this training has taught me to be a professional, create content that will brand my business allowing me to stand out and get attention on social media sights.

Carmen Bernard

Today's training was great, You are an inspiration to me, allowing me to work smarter and not harder. The way that I can curate material and make it my own, YOU ROCK!

Nicole Harris

My #1 takeaway was how to use the mockups. The way you showed us how to layer pictures and blocks on top of each other was awesome.


  • What happens after we purchase?

    After you pay you will get on the email list so we know where to send the REPLAY, then you will REGISTER for the Zoom meeting with is where we will have the webinar

  • Do I get REPLAY?

    Yes, you get access to the replay for 6 months. This gives you a chance to play around with the tools and ask questions or get peer feedback

  • Is there a refund?

    Due to the nature of digital products, we do not offer a refund on any digital products.