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    • 5 Things To Do Daily To Be Successful

What the students have to say...

Lisa Brown

If you want to reintroduce yourself take the time to listen to this training. One thing I've learned in this training is that I have to introduce myself to my clients and potential clients every week and must have personalized hashtags.

Aaris Sturrup

Thank you so much for posting this! This video has definitely helped my creative juices flow! Before, I had no idea where to start. My number one takeaway is the importance of getting your intro post and hashtags together so that people can get to know you and your services.

Carmen Bernard

My number one takeaway from this training is the importance of personalized hashtags and the weekly introduction. Stacie L DanielsYOU ROCK! The trainings are always so in-depth and you receive a wealth of information.

Elea Phillips Sherrod

The training is so complete. You will learn so much and Stacie is going to make sure you understand what she is doing, why, and how. It is the best! My number one takeaway is that I need to step up my hashtag game and create an intro post. This has been so invaluable. I need to take pictures of my appointments and get testimonials.

Brittany Allen

My biggest takeaway is to have content ready. I also learned the importance of having an introduction post. This training was amazing!


  • What will the course cover?

    Productivity tips on how to keep up with a schedule and tasks. That will help in your business and everyday life.

  • What is a Daily Action Plan?

    Identify the activities that you need to do consistently to move the needle in your business. This includes the short and long games. Not all activity will turn into an immediate sale but intentional activity keeps the sales pipeline full.

  • How many activities should be on my action plan?

    Your action plan should have no more than 5 activities. The activities should fall under your main focus categories so that you know you are focusing on what needs to be done.