The Secret To Getting 

Life Insurance Clients Online

If you want to get clients online with ease daily then you need to create the same like, know, trust relationship you are used to doing offline and LIVE video will allow you to do that instantly! 

  • How NOT to be shy and afraid.

  • How to go LIVE, what to say & when. Get the same blueprint that I use. (Intro, Content, Call To Action)

  • What tools or resources do you need for a successful LIVE? 

  • Get the audience you want to show up and engage. 

  • How to take your viewers offline & take them from cold to closed. 

  • Special tricks that seem to work wonders & give you an overall boost of visibility, appointments, and revenut.

This is a 7 Series Video Bundle



What's Are The Students Saying?

Lee Ann Eiland

15-Min Consult

The whole live tonight was awesome! I learned a lot. I love the automations. My biggest takeaway is the 15 min consult that’s recorded and then given to a prospect as a resource to remember you by. So simple and I have never thought of it. Thank you!

Falisha Hanson

Tool For Success!

The live was amazing although I came in on the end. Biggest takeaway especially being new to this industry to Fiverr and Canva, utilizing free resources but knowing when to purchase quality things that will enhance your business and brand. I appreciate you so much Stacie L. Daniel!!

Lenita Wilson

Activities BEFORE & AFTER the LIVE video

Thank you for sharing! My one number take away is different ways to get organized and manage time. I definitely need to get better with that 🤦🏾‍♀️ Also help with managing social media posts; it takes too much time trying to posts often and think of something to post in that moment.

Jakeshia Scott

Don't Be AFRAID to go LIVE

My big take away Writing the list of things that God already brought us through and building that confidence to follow through on a live


  • Why do I need to go online in order to get leads? I get leads offline just fine.

    You don't NEED to go online to get leads. However, the most important component of sales is being where your clients are located. FB has 2.7 billion and IG has 510 million users. Imagine being able to connect with MORE people in less time with less overwhelm while creating consistent income and appointments FOR FREE. This is what going LIVE online allows you to do.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for anyone who wants to get leads online but hasn't cracked the code to figure out how. The secret is simple but different from face to face interaction and can produce much better results when done correctly.

  • I've already tried going LIVE on social media to get leads and it didn't work. What can this course teach me?

    I too tried to get leads online several times and failed. I found out what shift I needed to make and how to utilize the powerful tools included in social media and I have had an overflow of leads every since. I have taught my life insurance agent clients how do the same and they always see fantastic results.