These are all the things that I wish I was told at the beginning of my life insurance career.  Now I'm sharing my lesson with you because I want you to learn from my pain.

None Of The Mistakes.

All Of The Success!!

What's Included:

  • 1

    Welcome To The Course

    • Letter From The Instructor

    • Course Videos List

  • 2

    Take Action

    • 7 Reasons You're Not Making The Money You Want

    • 6 Different Ways You Can Make Money In Insurance

    • 3 Things That Changed My Life Insurance Business and Tripled My Income

    • The Most Costly & Most Common Mistake ALL Insurance Agents Make

    • Power of Being A Life Insurance Agent

    • Simple Secret To Getting Life Insurance Clients Online

    • Top 5 Sales Questions You Must Answer To Guarantee Sale

    • Why This Product? *** (BONUS) ***

    • Why You? *** (BONUS) ***

    • Why now? *** (BONUS) ***

    • 4 Tips to Stand Out As A Life Insurance Agent

    • The ONE free business tool that helped me double my income as an Insurance Agent

    • What 5 Steps You Should Take After Getting Licensed?

    • Want to help people but DON'T like to sell?

    • How I adjusted My Schedule To Be Successful & Focused Working From Home

    • The TRUTH About Why Life Insurance Agents Have A Bad Reputation

    • How I Got Into The Financial Services Industry...

  • 3


    • Business Burnout - Prepare and Prevent

    • If You Don't Make This Adjustment

    • 10 Tips To Help With Lack of Self-Discipline

What the students have to say...

Roderick Britt

My #1 takeaway from last night's training is to utilize all your resources to not only treat your business as if you're serious about it but to elevate your business to the next level. The point you made that struck a chord with me the most was the importance of learning all you can about the industry.

Carmen Bernard

I am guilty of a lot of the points you made and this adherence to the training will definitely help me with my bottom line. This is not going to be a quick fix.

Tamra Sorey

So much info but my #1 takeaway is to simply go live to get more clients and get paid. I have to have confidence.

Kantrell Smith

Tonight's training was great. I needed this motivation to this in motion. I am a bit camera shy but this is the encouragement I needed. I like the part with you saying we have to change our minds about FB. I am thinking of ways I can use various ways to enhance my business.

Nicole Simpson

I am not a fan of going live but I did today as well! And I scheduled one for the next three weeks. I got several inquires and quote requests from the engagement today.

Shalonda Snead Blackburn

During the Power of Being a Life Insurance Agent training, I learned five ways to help my clients without having a Series 6 certification that is going to help me service my community more.

Tasharea Reid

My takeaway is that I'm learning how much of a superhero I can be to my community and how much I can help them save and spend money at the same time. 2021 will explode for me with all this good information I'm getting and implementing.

Christina Jackson

My number one takeaway is inflation and people not understanding that they are losing money in their bank accounts and because of inflation, they are still behind. Thank you for this I am ready to take over 2021 and help so many people.

Lenita Watson

I am glad I was able to catch the replay of this training. There was so much information that I had no idea about in life insurance. I am ready to learn more to help my family and community.

Vadeen Dinkins

My #1 takeaway is to be confident in what I can do because it can change lives.