With so much uncertainty on so many things, how can you be sure about what to do with your money? Many have questions about the short term AND long-term options. Who do you TRUST that you can ask for professional advice? What are the pros and cons of each of your choices?

* Should I take money out of my retirement plan to live off of since there is no penalty right now?

* Should I invest in the stock market or property now since it’s so low?

* Should my parents move their retirement fund out of the stock market since they won’t have enough time to replenish what they lost?

* What should I do with my stimulus check?

These are just a few of the questions that were discussed. 

My audience and my clients both have questions about what decisions should they make with their money during this health and financial global reset.

If you have similar questions and want to feel confident when making your next financial footsteps then drop your questions or comments below and join us.

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I am grateful to have access to the to the tools and strategies needed to come out of this global reset better positioned financially than ever before!