Friday 11/20/2002 @ 8:30pm cst

~ 60 mins ~

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In just 30 minutes & for FREE or LOW cost, you can create your own digital products that complement your life insurance business. 

Life insurance agents should make money before, during, & after the insurance sale!

What's Included:

You're going to learn how to make masks, travel mugs, coffee mugs, stemless wine glasses, t-shirts, journals, Christmas tree ornaments, and more!!!

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What the students have to say...

Lenita Watson

This was great! Stacie sparked my creative mind and gave me so many ideas that can be used to promote your brand and attract clients by sparking their interest. The training for digital and physical products has been an awesome way to show how to create passive income for your business.

Ebonie Koryn

Creating digital products is a great marketing tool for your brand and the services you provide. To successfully create your digital products, you must know who your target audience is, know their why, and how your product is going to help them. This course was very informative and makes you think outside the box and offer uniqueness to your products.

Carita Koen

These workshops were packed with great nuggets to increase your revenue and cash flow while being a continuous resource for your clients. Digital & Physical Products are a great way to promote your brand and an innovative way to engage with your clients and prospects while creating additional streams of income. Great workshop, Thanks, Stacie!


  • How quickly can I launch mugs, TShirts, or notebooks after the class is over?

    Within an hour 😍. Some people launch immediately. Some within hours.

  • How much money do I have to spend to launch my products?

    $0 + $0 = $0. You'll learn how to choose vendors that don’t have any upfront cost and no monthly fees. Upgrading is an option bt not required.

  • Do my products have to be brand focused, I don’t have a brand pulled together yet?

    The products that you create can be anything that inspires you or something that inspires the people who will purchase. You will also see how to find what's trending and HOT right now so you can be more marketable to strangers.

  • What if I don't have a design idea right now?

    Watch how I keep my random ideas organized until I'm ready to use them. You will be inspired. The Holidays are coming up and holiday mugs, holiday TShirts, and even ugly Holiday TShirts will be popular.

  • Where do I store the inventory? What about

    And remember you don’t have to touch a product, I walk you through the vendors that will take that off of your hands.