Vendor slots have been the most fruitful for my life insurance business. 

This helps me to do the presentation ONE time and then work those quality targetted leads for months to come. 


  • Why it's the secret weapon to offline OR online quality lead generation

  • The 8 keys and processes l use

  • Tips to walk away with collaborations, clients, and future events

  • & MORE!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Questions about the tech and how to work this course.

  • 3

    Vendor Event Process

    • Complete Vendor Process

    • 1. Double Check Vendor Fundaments

    • 2. Vendor Process You Need To Create

    • 3. How do you get the most out of a vendor event?​

    • 4. Guaranteed future vendor events process

    • 5. How to get quality leads contact information from vending events

    • 6. How to obtain et 90% conversion rate on the leads you collect from vending events.

  • 4

    SWIPE FILES - Get My Scripts

    • Raffle Funnel

    • Collaborations Funnel

  • 5

    *** BONUSES ***

    • List of Places to Find Guaranteed Events Opportunities

    • 6 Tips to BOOST your profit & leads

    • 8 MUST DO Keys Needed To Rock Your Vending Event

Alexis Allen

My number one takeaway is to ask people for a photo or LIVE video so that people on social media can see me in my element. So awesome!

Roderick Britt

This is great information, so awesome! In summary, my biggest takeaway is to cast your net far and wide. Don't limit yourself to just being an Insurance Agent. View yourself as a financial professional and build your business as such during your vendor events. Great presentation!

Angela Basden - Williams

This training taught me that video testimonials, as well as photos of my vending events, will keep the momentum going.

Ysuia Allen Goudeaux

My #1 takeaway from our workshop is 1. Connect with as many people as possible 2. Give value to keep the connection going after the even 3. ...and get what you need while you're there so that your next steps after the event are seamless.

Carolyn Reed

My number 1 takeaway is to have a process to gather people to your table, also you have to be more than an insurance agent for more of a secure insurance business. Vendor events open doors to so many other business opportunities.