What if I gave you a duplicatable blueprint for branding yourself online so you could turn your likes into leads then educate and connect with them without having to be present until they turned into primed prospects who are excited to meet with you?

That's how you create solid sales that stick and clients who fuel your community of warm leads by inviting people just like them. 

This is the strategy I am sharing with you in this FREE course! 

My mission is to help traditional life insurance agents eliminate the common trifecta that causes 90% of agents to leave the industry within their first year due to: 

  • The need to create QUALITY  leads to avoid wasting money on garbage leads which requires educating the community FIRST without getting paid  

  • Overcoming the lack of  trust in the community due to misinformation about money management passed along or previous misinformed agents

  • Inevitable Business burnout and inconsistent income the life insurance hustle


In my professional opinion as a 14-year veteran life insurance agent, I've noticed that agents spend the majority of their time educating more than selling, opening our calendars to non-primed prospects, chasing higher carrier contracts, or scheduling 25-40 appointments weekly. 

The typical agent is trying to outrun chargebacks and tire kickers while missing out on precious moments with family and paying the price of peace in the process. 

There’s no wonder our life insurance agent community superheroes burnt out and returned to working for someone else. They hate it but at least it is consistent income. 

Yes, they are being paid to give up on their dreams!

I don’t want this to happen to you! 

This is why I created a framework that I used to stay in the industry since 2008 putting me in the top 1% and I help traditional agents to implement my duplicatable framework as well.


I am not a unicorn, I have just made all of the investments in time, coaches, and mistakes to get to this point. Now, I'm sharing with you my exact blueprint so your timeline to 5 figure months is much shorter! 

Access the Full Circle Social Strategy Mii-Coursethat explains the 6 steps to creating a successful online and offline business via the Hyrid Business Model using my Virtual Agent Method™. 

Then let's meet and have a 20-minute discussion on how we will implement this proven framework into your business.

Will you be next traditional life insurance agent to make full-time money 💵 in part-time hours while reducing your daily workload and monthly expenses?

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About this course

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  • 15 lessons

Meet The Dean

Stacie L. Daniel

  • SAFE Investment Expert

  • Virtual Life Agent Expert

  • Award-Winning Consulting Firm & Agency Owner

As a Virtual Life Agent Expert the creator of the Virtual Agent MethodI've been able to control my money, my time, and my life. I’ve been able to make 10k from one cold lead and consistently have 5-figure months.

My client wins included: increased monthly revenue by 80%, increased their submit business by 40% with a 90% approval, and allowed them to focus on growing a team because they no longer have to do all of the day-to-day agent tasks. We've helped them implement a strategic combination of online and offline activities.

As a Safe Investment Expert, I'm in the business of helping my established entrepreneurs and corporate professional clients to Grow & Protect their money at the same time GUARANTEED as well as be positioned to receive GUARANTEED lifetime monthly paychecks

After being in the financial services industry since 2008 & receiving multiple awards and accolades for speaking, training, & sales, I started my own award-winning virtual life insurance agency and consulting firm.

In 2017, I transitioned part of my business online because I wanted to work less, make more, and have a bigger impact on my community which afforded me the ability to train my fellow agents to do the same and still have time to spare.

I've built a business I love which is showing agents like you how to attract more clients on auto-pilot and rapidly grow your business while working 50% less and I don't have to sacrifice my lifestyle or time with my family and/or friends.